Placing Orders and Payment

Maximum Orders

There is a maximum of 2oz. per initial order allowed.  For larger orders contact us directly at 

Can I buy Courier Insurance?

Yes. Insurance for each coin is $75 and must be purchased as a separate item. Please click here for more information on purchasing insurance: 

What form of payment is acceptable?

We accept Visa, MasterCard in USD and CAD. Wire transfer payments are available in USD only.

All new customer credit card orders are limited to $5000 USD maximum per order. If this is not your first order, please call or email your request for a higher limit. 

How do you set the exchange rate on CAD orders?

The exchange rate from USD to CAD is determined by Inca One daily. By processing your payment online, you are agreeing to the set exchange rate shown for your order.

How do I send a wire transfer payment?

If you have selected wire transfer as the form of payment for your order, you will receive the banking information by email after processing your order.

How do I know if you received my wire transfer?

Once your wire transfer payment has been received, you will receive an updated copy of your invoice (via email) showing that your order status has changed from 'Unpaid' to 'Paid'.

How do I select the billing address for my order?

When entering your billing address for your order, make sure the address information matches the credit card that you are using to pay for your order. The billing address does not have to match your shipping address but it must match the address that your credit card company has listed on file. 

 If this is my first order will I need to provide identification for my order?

The billing address entered for your order must match the address of your credit card. Due to the high volume of online credit card fraud, all first time customer orders will be placed on hold until the credit card and billing information has been confirmed. Inca One reserves the right to deny or cancel any orders that do not meet our security regulations. All new international customer orders are required to provide three copies of confirmation for their name, billing address and photo identification. New customer orders for North America may be asked to provide a driver's license copy as confirmation and will be notified by email if required.

 Note: The confirmation required above is only requested on first time orders.

 How long is my price locked-in?

Orders paid by wire transfer payment are locked in for 2 business days. Wire transfers not received within 2 days of order date are subject to re-pricing at the discretion of Inca One.

Can I place an order and pay for it at your office?

As no Gold is stored at our office. All orders must still be processed through our online store. 

Can I cancel my order once it has been submitted?

Once your order has been submitted, you have entered into a binding agreement with Inca One. All sales are final. Payments will not be refunded for the delay of shipping your order due to limited inventory. 

I am trying to place an order online and my credit card will not go through. Why?

We are not responsible for declining credit card orders. Please contact your credit card provider and advise them of the problem.

How do I know if my online order went through?

If your order is accepted, you will receive an order number on the confirmation screen and an email containing your invoice. Unless you received this invoice number and email confirmation, your order did not go through. Try placing your order again, making sure that you accept the 'Terms and Conditions' before you 'Confirm' your order. If you still encounter difficulties, contact us directly for assistance.

Promo Codes

At certain times throughout the year, we offer promotions to our customers and shareholders. 

If you have placed an online order in the past, you will receive an email with promotional details when available. 

If you have not ordered from us, please 'Join Our Email List' by clicking the selection on the top right-hand corner of the store and entering your contact details in the form that appears.

Problems Processing Orders Online:

If you are having problems processing your order, the problem most likely is in your browser or your operating system. Simply update your browser or empty your cache to rectify this problem.

To empty your cache, in your browser simply select 'Tools' -> 'Internet Options' -> 'Delete Browsing History...' or 'Ctrl+Shift+Delete' and the same window should appear on the screen.

Email us at

PC and MAC users:

We suggest using the following browsers for PC and MAC computers. To ensure you will not have any problems on our store, update your browser to the most current version. For MAC users you can use any of the browsers below, but Chrome is generally the best.

Microsoft Explorer 8 and up

*the store will not run properly on Explorer 7

Firefox - auto updates 
Chrome - auto updates 

To check what browser version you are using, follow the link below:

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to most countries worldwide. To check if we ship to your country of residence, go to the Shopping Cart and click on the drop down menu in the Shipping Costs section. If your country is not shown, we do not ship to your location at this time.

How can I receive a quote on shipping costs?

Once you have entered the items you intend to purchase into the shopping cart, you can calculate your shipping costs in the cart before confirming your order. Simply enter your address details into the Shipping Cost section and the shipping cost will appear in the order summary details.

How do you ship orders?

Inca One ships all customer orders via FedEx courier.  Once your order has been shipped, you will receive the FedEx tracking number by email along with an updated copy of your invoice indicating that your order has been shipped.

How will I know when my order has been shipped?

Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed a copy of your invoice showing that your order status has been changed from 'Unshipped' to 'Shipped'. We always provide a tracking number so that you may track the status of your shipment while it is in transit. You will receive your tracking number link by email from UPS Courier once your order has been picked up from our location.

What if I have ordered a back order item?

We do not ship partial orders. All orders are shipped in full and your order will be shipped when your item(s) are back in stock.

When will Fedex deliver my order?

Couriers delivers Monday - Friday in North America, not including holidays. FedEx does not guarantee delivery times and shipments may be delayed due to weather or transport delays. For this reason were provide a tracking number with all orders so customers can track delivery information and dates for their orders. Please check with UPS for your Country delivery times and schedules.

What if I am not home when the Courier attempts delivery for my order?

If for any reason you will be unavailable to sign for your package, we can arrange to have your order shipped to the nearest FedEx location in your area for pick-up. Alternatively, if you are not at home when FedEx attempts to deliver your package, they will leave a note instructing you to contact them to reschedule the delivery or to arrange for pick-up of the package. FedEx will hold your order for 5 business days before returning it to Inca One. The customer is responsible for all freight charges related to the return and re-shipping of returned orders. All return orders that are not re-shipped to the customer will be charged a $75 USD per order restocking fee.

Can I have my order shipped to a location other than my home address?

Yes. If you are unavailable to sign for your package at your home address, we can have your order shipped to your place of work. Inca One does not ship to PO Boxes so please make sure that you specify a physical shipping address on your order. 

Note: By giving UPS permission to leave your shipment without a signature and / or giving someone else signing privileges for your delivery, will void your shipments insurance. This includes a building concierge, mailroom, neighbours, co-workers and family members. Inca One cannot be responsible for any package delivered to a non-residential address or deliveries signed for by a third party.  

Can I ship my order to a different country than where I am located?

No. We cannot ship your order to a second party located in a different country. This includes all orders that are paid by credit card and wire transfers.

When will my order be shipped?

Fedex Courier delivery times are quoted from the day your order is shipped, not from the day your order was placed.  If selecting Express next day delivery for your order, this does not mean your order will be received on the following day after it was placed. All new orders will be shipped within 7 business days from the date your order was processed. This does not include new customer orders or back orders. New customer orders will not be shipped until the name and billing address for the order has been confirmed and released by Management.

Is a signature required at time of delivery?

Yes. A signature is required by an adult over 19 years of age for all Canadian shipments and an adult over 21 years of age for all US shipments. Shipments will not be released without a signature.

How are the orders packaged for shipping?

All our orders are packaged in discreet brown boxes, the bullion is bubble wrapped and the box is sealed around each edge with strapping tape.

How will my package be marked on the outside?

All shipments are sent discreetly with no description on the outside of the box. The return address is labelled 'Inca One' with our shipping address included. All international orders will include customs documentation affixed to the outside of the box, with a description of the contents and value inside. If you want this removed from the outside of the box, please send a request from the 'Contact Us' page and we will black it out.

Can I pick up my order at your office?

We do not store gold at the office and do not allow for pick up of gold at the office for security reasons. All orders must go through our online store.

Who is liable should my package be lost or stolen while in transit?

Inca One will fully insure all shipments if you purchase insurance. However, Inca One cannot accept responsibility if your order is delivered to a non-residential (or alternative) address or if a third party signs for the package. This includes building concierge, mail rooms, neighbours and family members. If you purchased insurance and your order is lost, damaged or stolen while in transit, we will file a claim. Once the claim is filed, Inca One reserves the right to re-ship or refund your money at their discretion. All damaged product must be returned for inspection to Inca One at the expense of the customer. You may want to check with your credit card provider to determine whether they have built in coverage protecting you, this will vary greatly between providers.

Will I have to pay duty or brokerage charges for my order?

All precious metal orders shipped in North America are not subject to duty or brokerage charges. Please DO NOT pay any extra charges for your shipment to UPS if you are located in North America and contact us right away so we can have these charges removed from your shipment. Customers with orders over $10,000 USD may be subject to providing social security numbers to US Customs before shipments are released. We suggest all International customers contact local customs to find duty, brokerage or tax regulations for their Countries.